Life of SUSIs : E2 , A chat with Langah

“Each one of us has it in them to change the world” Langah

Hello Amigos!

After my recent digital journey to the land of hostility (lovely Mali ) from which we learned a lot about Mali, SUSI, and our friend M. Gando’s life & projects. We are in May, it’s mother’s month , oh no no ! Mother’s day is every day, so I just planned my next voyage, packed my questions and machine then headed to the south coast of our Wakanda motherland (Africa ) to meet all the children in Bulawayo‘s (Zimbabwe) lovely mum, Langelihle Moyo a.k.a Langah. What an incredible way for me to celebrate mother’s day with this great mind that Langah is. I couldn’t had a better virtual celebration of Mothers’day — Langah is a vibe, full of stories, intelligence, love and humor.

Enjoy reading this discussion with Langah talking about SUSI, her SUSI experience, her love of children , her engagement in her community, and her vision for a better world.

A chat with Langah

Hi Langah, before discussing everything we planned, I wondered where your love for children comes from?

and to be quite frank, they loved me first 😄for whatever reasons, and it was easy for me to reciprocate the love and attention. I enjoy spending time with children because it doesn’t take much to make them happy. They have so much positive energy and honestly they always cheer me up on my low days. They don’t withhold compliments and lol how much I love listening to their stories. These little ones have a lot to tell and I enjoy listening to them. The other day one granny came to me and thanked me because she said her 3year old granddaughter went home excited after church because I had hugged her. I was so touched…so such experiences give me purpose.

Wow, that’s amazing! I’m sure 5 to 10 year old of me would love having a Langah in his childhood. So ,how has SUSI 2022 been to you so far?

It has been great honestly. I still feel it’s such an honor to have been selected. Literally the best 5 weeks of my year! I enjoyed interacting with my fellow student leaders. I realized that though we come from different parts of Africa, our passion for community development can knit us together. I particularly enjoyed Ryan’s classes on student activism and volunteerism. The lessons were very meaningful and relevant for me as an upcoming student leader. I also enjoyed the project plans and presentations. It enabled me to refine my project plan and be more confident in it.

That’s great , I would love meeting you in Bulawayo. Could you tell me about your country, this beautiful country Bob Marley sings about ,its history , culture and the Civil right movements ?

I come from Zimbabwe in Southern Africa. Zimbabwe is a beautiful place to live in, the weather is great, and it’s also home to beautiful natural sceneries including the great Victoria Falls which is one of the 8th wonders of the world. We recently celebrated 42 years of independence on April 18th. Zimbabweans are generally nice, hardworking and welcoming people, with a diverse culture. Our economy has not been doing well over the past years so we experience a lot of emigration to nearby countries like South Africa.

If you were your country’s leader today, what would you change?

would carry out another land reform program, reDistribute land. I would involve young people in decision-making platforms and policy making. Draft and implement transparent policies that discourage corruption. I have observed from where I come from that there still is a gap between where we want to be and where we are. Issues such as stigma and discrimination according to gender, tribe, sexual orientation, etc are still prevalent. I think real meaningful change and community development come about when everyone benefits and contributes towards the change.

I wish you all your heart desires and more. What’s your dream in life and your most memorable moment in life?

Ohhh man!, my biggest aspiration in life is to be a change-maker. I want my name to be remembered for doing good, even the seemingly smallest kind of acts. Career wide I want to one day see myself working for the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and eventually in the directory. I love children and would one love to run a home for vulnerable children. I also can’t wait to travel the world and see the places. When I got admitted into university. In spite of our financial situation at home, I never thought I’d make it to Varsity immediately after high school. I had made my family proud and I was proud of it.

Any last message to the SUSI community and the world?

“Each one of us has it in them to change the world. I wish we all could be more bold and courageous to go for opportunities as they come.”



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Talhata Z Toure

I’m Talhata Toure, A.K.A Yasuke.From everywhere,from somewhere, from Barrah, from Ha, from Gao,from Africa. States Department 2022 SUSI Alumnus.